Complete Vitamin-Omega fatty acid-Mineral Nutritional Supplement for Poultry

Vitamin and mineral supplementation are vital since their role in health and nutrition have been
established beyond doubt. Many of the diseases and other related conditions affecting health and
performance of the bird can largely be avoided by providing a balanced vitamin supplement. In addition,
presence of minimal quantities of minerals can buffer any sort of imbalance in the diet. NRC also
recommends to include omega fatty acid in the diet along with a balanced vitamin supplement to support
the body especially during the rapid growth stage.

VITOMIN-L is a complete Vitamin supplement formulated in a balanced ratio as recommended by NRC
guidelines. VITOMIN-L provides a single window solution for water soluble and fat-soluble vitamins along
with calcium, sodium, potassium and one of the most essential fatty acid Linoleic acid necessary for the
growth & development of poultry.

VITOMIN-L combination helps the bird to maintain its health, optimize metabolism, improve performance
and also helps to cope with farm related stress arising due to adverse environmental conditions, excess
population, variations in feed quality, disease, etc.


  • For uniform & optimum growth.
  • For optimum health status.
  • For optimum & sustained production.

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