Chromium yeast supplement to improve animal performance

CHROMISAC is a solid state fermented yeast based organic chromium designed to improve metabolic functions and to combat stress in Poultry and other farm animals. Chromium is actively involved in reducing heat stress and related conditions. It is also a co-factor for Glucose Tolerance Factor(GTF) which in association with insulin regulates carbohydrate metabolism. Studies across the world have indicated that, feeding chromium is one of the alternatives to combat heat stress and sustain production.

CHROMISAC is designed to improve metabolic functions in poultry and other animals. Being a Yeast chromium complex, CHROMISAC is more bioavailable than inorganic chromium and chromium chelates. Research has shown that CHROMISAC improves metabolizable energy, dry matter digestibility and organic matter digestibility of the feed. CHROMISAC also improves feed intake, absorption and retention of Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese and other Trace Minerals.


  • Enhances productivity in Broilers, Commercial Layers & Breeder Hens.
  • Prevents stress.
  • Improves intake & absorption of minerals
  • Supports weight gain & FCR in broilers.

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