An innovative & unique performance enhancer for male breeders

Birds are genetically seasonal breeders.  However, with the advent of commercial poultry production they are in breeding season throughout the year.  This causes several problems as evident in broiler breeders like poor fertility, hatchability and semen quality.  The inferior performance is attributed to reproductive stress, oxidative damage to the gonads and loss of synchrony and harmony of endocrine glands.  All these factors have critical roles and need to be addressed.

BREEDON is a wholesome natural product with specific nutritional amalgamation of fermented organic trace minerals, new generation Direct Fed Microbials and selected phytonutrients to improve semen quality, breeding efficiency and fertility in breeders.

BREEDON assists breeders in combating reproductive stress & oxidative damage to the gonads, stimulate and synchronize & balance the reproductive hormones and tone up the reproductive system.

Benefits :

  • Helps to increase semen count
  • Improves semen morphology
  • Improves sperm count and capacitation.

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