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A new age Non-antibiotic growth promoter

Antibiotic growth promoters have been under scrutiny for many years and have been banned from the market in many countries. Antibiotic growth promoters and antibiotic resistance are closely related. The increased concern about the potential for antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria has compelled to explore the need for non antibiotic alternatives. The animal food industry with its emerging role as a responsible partner in human health and well being, has taken up the challenge of antibiotic free feed management practices.

NATUSOL is a new age natural Non-antibiotic growth promoter, containing a combination of natural, proven and time-tested antibacterial, antiviral, growth promoting and gut stabilizing agents, a combination which works synchronously to maintain health, improve immunity and resistance to diseases and also to preserve gut homeostasis. NATUSOL is a combination of essential oils, phytomolecules, stable direct fed microbials and selected organic acids.

NATUSOL is a “Natural solution” to replace antibiotics as a growth promoter and to increase the profitability of the poultry farmer.


  • Rapid development of a healthy gut microflora.
  • Increased growth & performance.
  • Stimulation and rapid maturation of the immune system.
  • Reduced dependency on antibiotics.
  • Assures food safety.

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